2023 Archived Bids and Tabulations


To allow for quick browsing of archived bids and tabulations.  All items are in chronological order, with the most recent at the top.  Archives are populated for one-year on this page.


Invitation to Bid - 23rd Madison to Monroe Storm Project (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - 25th Street Landscape Improvements - Nine Rails Creative District (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - 450 30th St Rehab Project (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - Ogden Airport Terminal Remodel - For PreQualified Contractors Only (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Budgeting and Capital Planning Software (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Compensation Structure Study (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Appraisal Services, Residential Real Estate (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Cinco de Mayo Car Show (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Constable Services (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Demolition Services - 1 (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Demolition Services - 2 (Closed)

Request for Qualifications - Design Consultant - Ogden East Temple Area (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Design Services for the Fitness Area Expansion at the Ogden City Francom Public Safety Center (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - El Monte Deck 1(Closed)

Invitation to Bid - El Monte Deck Project 2 (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Elevator Maintenance and Repair Services for Various Ogden City Facilities (Closed)

Request for Bid - Environmental Subsurface Site Remediation - 856 25th Street (Closed)


Request for Proposal - Green Waste Grinding Contract (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Management Study of Ogden City's Prosecutor's Office (Closed)

Request for Qualifications - General Contractor Construction Services - Marshall N White Center Demolition and Rebuild Project (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - Marshall N White Center Demolition and Rebuild Project* (Closed)

       *Open to Pre-Qualified Contractors Only

Invitation to Bid - North Street - Harrisville to Wall (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Ogden City Gateway Signage (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Ogden City Tree Services Contract (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Ogden Sports Complex Master Plan (Closed)

Request for Proposal - OPD Shot Tracking Device (Closed)

 Request for Proposal - Patient Handling Service (Closed)


Invitation to Bid - Raise & Collar - Public Services Operations Contract (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Recreation Photography Services (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Real Estate Services - Broad Listing Broker (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - SA009 Jefferson Area Utility Improvements (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - 2023 Sidewalk Spot Repairs Citywide Contract CIP/EN004A (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - State Pedestrian Project - Wall Ave: S/o 2nd St (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - Union Station Offices Remodel (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Structural Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (Closed)

Request for Bid - Well Maintenance & Inspection Services Contrac(Closed)

Invitation to Bid - WU015 800 North Improvements (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - WU015 Monroe Water Line Ph I (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - WU015 Country Hills PRV Station (Closed)