Subdivision Ordinance Amendment 

The City of Ogden is proposing to amend its subdivision ordinances.  The proposed amendments are to:

  1. Ensure the subdivision ordinance aligns with state law;
  2. Clarify language, resolve discrepancies, and make the ordinance easier to follow; and
  3. Streamline and simplify the process.

The proposed changes do the following:

  1. Add and modify definitions to align with Utah state law.
  2. Modify review processes to conform with recent changes in state law and clarify local review authorities.
  3. Create specific procedures for parcel and lot combinations.  The amendment gives authority to approve lot combinations and lot line adjustments without a subdivision plat amendment.
  4. Establish standards for when lots are considered combined, such as if a house straddles a property line or if one property owner owns two narrow lots.
  5. Establish clear standards for parcel and lot line adjustments.  Adjust plat requirements to align with recent changes in state law.  Include state law requirement for a public meeting for lot line adjustments an lot combinations.
  6. Clarify standards and processes for subdivision amendments.   It would allow minor amendments to be approved by the mayor rather than having to go to the planning commission.
  7. Create new standards to address situations where a plat is needed, but it doesn’t actually subdivide property.
  8. Clarify the vacation processes.
  9. Address several infrequent occurrences, such as how to rectify illegal lot line adjustments that occurred years ago.

The Ogden Planning Commission reviewed these amendments and recommended approval.  The Ogden City Council will consider these changes at a future meeting.

Subdivision Amendment Limited Residential Subdivisions

Subdivision Ordinance Amendments Draft

For further information, contact Barton Brierley, Planning Manager, at or 801-629-8932.