Own in Ogden Program


About the Program

Own in Ogden is a loan program to assist home buyers with the down payment or closing costs of purchasing a home citywide. 

Use this link to see if the proposed property is within Ogden City Boundaries:  CLICK HERE FOR OGDEN CITY MAP


  • The new purchase price limit is $380,000.00
  • This program can be used for ALL applicants, not just first-time buyers.
  • Loans can be used for down payment, closing costs, or principal reduction toward the first mortgage loan balance.
  • Income guidelines apply.
  • Borrower(s) must provide $500 of his/her own money toward the purchase.
  • Persons purchasing their primary residence in Ogden can receive up to a $10,000 loan.
  • Ogden City sworn Police Officers and Ogden City Firefighters can receive a $20,000 loan when buying their primary residence within Ogden city limits.
  • State-certified K-12 classroom teachers or administrators in schools which serve Ogden City students can receive a $15,000 loan when buying their primary residence within Ogden city limits.
  • Ogden City employees and new hires who reside outside Ogden City boundaries, or who rent within Ogden City, can receive up to a $15,000 loan to buy a home as their primary residence in Ogden.
  •  Zero percent interest, deferred-payment loan that is repaid in full in the event of sale or if the borrower discontinues property as primary residence. 

Application and applying Information

To apply for funds and get program details: Own in Ogden Guidelines and Application (PDF). 

Homebuyer Education Course - Utah State University Online Course (click to open)

Use this document for Useful tips for Real Estate Agents and Lenders (PDF).  

Look here to get answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions (PDF). 

Ogden City Mortgagee Clause


Community Development Division

2549 Washington Blvd, Suite 120

Ogden, UT, 84401

You may contact Ogden City Community Development for further assistance.

Own in Ogden funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis.