East Central Commercial Building Brick Painting

Commercial building painted brick

Ogden's East Central District extends from The Ogden River to 30th Street, and from Adams Avenue to Harrison Boulevard.  This area is in the Central Bench Historic District and contains a wide variety of historic buildings and architectural styles.

To preserve historic buildings, Ogden's ordinances prohibit painting of brick buildings in residential zones in East Central.   Painting brick removes some of the historic character of the buildings.  It can also lead to deterioration of the underlying brick.

The proposal would extend the prohibition on painting brick buildings to commercial zones in the East Central district (C-MU, C-9, PI, NC, and R-9).  

The Ogden Planning Commission considered this amendment at a public hearing on November 3, 2021 and recommended approval.  See more information at the link below:

Painting brick of commercial buildings in East Central Planning Commission Packet November 3, 2021

The proposal will be considered by the Ogden City Council at a later date.