Prior to Taking Office

A Blueprint For a Stronger Ogden - Our First 100 Days Together

To be clear, the entirety of my election campaign, and the time between the General Election and my first day in office have been focused on how to best lead our city through our current and upcoming challenges, and how to effectively govern and serve our citizens. To that end, I have spent the last six weeks preparing myself to hit the ground running upon taking office.  The following list of completed tasks is not exhaustive, but hits on several key preparations: Ogden Valley

  • Evaluated transition best practices from across the country, informing a transition plan/blueprint for my first 100 days;
  • Attended Program for New Mayors hosted by Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government;
  • Met with key constituents and stakeholders to prepare for early and contentious issues and interventions;
  • Established norms for routine tasks, scheduling expectations and directives with Mayor’s Assistant;
  • Met with emergency response team, including communications team, to learn protocols, roles and responsibilities during a crisis;
  • Retirement/exit interview with outgoing Public Works Director;
  • Prepared logistics for inauguration event;
  • Prepared letter to employees to be sent on Day 1;
  • Drafted oped to introduce my Blueprint to the community ahead of inauguration event;
  • Prepared press release for the inauguration events on January 2nd, and invited media to interviews after the event;
  • Scheduled key meetings with key staff, residents, partners and stakeholders to execute on 100 day Blueprint; 
  • Began to gather community and stakeholder input on priority policy areas;  
  • Coordinated project details and travel logistics for three Graduate Fellows provided by Harvard’s Transition Term Project to gather and analyze baseline community data;
  • Finalized and formatted First 100 Days Blueprint;
  • Invested in relationships with peer mayors from across the country and across bi-partisan cities, to draw leadership experiences and guidance from a cohort of new mayors; 
  • Prepared agenda and supportive materials for Team Launch on January 3rd;
  • Met with various local and state elected officials to gain support on issues, key legislative items and transition processes;
  • Visited various work units, met team members and received early input to gauge workforce energy and engagement;
  • Evaluated communications and media protocols to ensure that resources were aligned early in my tenure so we can share information openly and transparently starting on Day 1;  
  • Identified opportunities for early wins and cross-department alignment;
  • Reviewed tenets and goals of the General Plan update, as well as other current and ongoing projects; 
  • Met with department directors and staff.  

These efforts have helped prepare me to lead our City effectively from Day One. This assurance should instill confidence in our community that I am up to the task and ready to embrace the responsibility of this office. I am excited for this new chapter in my life and the lives of our staff and our citizens, and I am keenly aware that the work is just beginning. Drawing from my personal experiences, the insights gained from engaging with our citizens, staff, and experts during the campaign and over the past six weeks of transition, I have honed in on the core values and policy priorities that will guide my tenure and commitment to serving Ogden City.

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