Summary of Anticipated Outcomes

A Blueprint For a Stronger Ogden - Our First 100 Days Together

At the end of our 100-day journey, we will have accomplished a number of key steps.  These steps will serve as the foundation that we will build upon for the duration of our time and tenure together and will include:WashingtonBlvdAerial_TimSessions

  1. Establishing trust and support amongst city employees across all departments, divisions, and programs, and learned areas of responsibility for executing our shared vision.
  2. Elevating the role and importance of communications and community engagement.  This will improve transparency and two-way conversations between the Mayor’s Office and the public. This will include, but is not limited to:
    • Establishing and publishing clear communication channels and points of contact.
    • Providing updates to the community on city administration plans, decisions, vision, and developments to foster transparency.
    • Hosting regular community conversations with the Mayor, both in-person and online.
    • Publishing regular reports from the Mayor’s Office detailing accomplishments, ongoing projects, and future plans.
    • Regularly updated Mayor’s Office section of the city website with news, initiatives, and resources.
    • Active use of social media platforms like Facebook, X, and Instagram to share updates and engage with residents.
    • Establish a good working relationship with local media, including print, broadcast, local social media channels and influencers.
  3. We will establish an Administrative Leadership Team that is focused on our core values of integrity, trust, transparency, collaboration, humility, and service and innovation. This team will embody and promote these values across all city departments, fostering a culture where leadership is not just top-down but also nurtures bottom-up initiatives and ideas. By doing so, we aim to create an environment of mutual empowerment where every member feels valued and has a voice in decision-making. This dynamic is a reflection of organizational alignment, and such alignment will be the basis for cross-department collaboration and teamwork, which are essential for delivering effective and cohesive city services.
  4. Enhanced working relationship with City Council members. We will support both current and new Council members and cultivate open communication and collaboration with the Mayor and department directors. We will further identify opportunities to achieve proactive policy alignment across priority areas and issues (e.g., housing and economic development).
  5. Ensuring that Ogden is represented at all levels of government and decision-making by building support amongst local, state and federal government officials.
  6. Encouraging engagement with our community and building public confidence with community leaders, partners, interest groups, and community organizations, including those who supported other candidates.
  7. Seek broad community and stakeholder input to inform our city’s emerging and most pressing issues in the areas that are consistent with and supportive of our vision, including community engagement, responsible and sustainable economic development, building a strong infrastructure, public safety, and community health and wellness, especially for our youth.
  8. Ensure community safety and response apparatus remains in place and prepared to activate, in case of a man-made or natural crisis. Ensure Crisis Management plans continue to be regularly reviewed and updated to reflect new risks, lessons learned from past incidents, and changes in the community.
  9. We will ensure the resilience and reliability of our city’s critical infrastructure. This will encompass thorough evaluations of bridges, roads, utility networks, and communication systems. We aim to proactively identify and address vulnerabilities, strengthening these essential assets against various natural, technological, or other challenges. This initiative is integral to our pledge to provide a secure and dependable foundation for our city’s daily operations and long-term growth.
  10. Accomplish legislative priorities, with emphasis on housing legislation and funding the 36” waterline in Ogden Canyon.

The above list is ambitious, no doubt.  But I believe it is reachable with the right personnel, attitude and schedule.  It is crucial that our staff and our citizens embrace this Blueprint for us to be successful and to do it not as one person with a title, but as a community.  To that end, I have laid out my anticipated schedule for the first 100 days below.

100 Day Schedule>>