Celebrating 100 Years of Union Station

Union Station has shaped Ogden’s history for over 150 years. The first Union Station, built in 1870, received Ogden’s rail traffic. With it, Ogden grew and changed. It was known as “Junction City,” for its amount of train junctions and traffic. Many people, ideas, and businesses came to Ogden on the railroad. Ogden became a place of social and economic opportunities that allowed people to shape Ogden’s identity through their struggles, triumphs, and connections.

The current Union Station was constructed one hundred years ago in 1924. It was an essential station on the railroad full of travelers coming and going. Each person brought with them ideas and dreams that allowed them to shape their own histories, as well as Ogden’s story. Throughout history, individuals have built our community and created Ogden’s unique heritage and identity. 

Visit our special exhibit, "The Heart of Ogden: Celebrating 100 Years of Union Station," to learn more about individuals’ stories to see how Ogden began here at Union Station.

Join us this year as we celebrate 100 Years of Ogden's Union Station with a full year of events!

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75th Anniversary Utah's Merci Car

First, we want to thank you for your support in funding the restoration of the Merci Car. It is set to undergo restoration beginning this spring.

As part of Union Station’s 100 Year Anniversary programming, we are hosting an event on February 22nd to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Merci Car and we want you all to be there!

The Utah Merci Car is perhaps the best-loved symbol of France and the US’s longstanding friendship. In 1949, France sent a 49-car “Merci Train” to thank the people of the United States for the $40 million of food and donations sent to them following World War II. Each state received their own boxcar full of gifts from the French people to show their gratitude for our citizens’ aid. At Union Station, we are proud to be home to the Utah Merci Car. February 22nd marks the 75th anniversary of the arrival and presentation of Utah’s Merci Car. http://www.mercitrain.org/

In honor of this anniversary, we will be hosting an event at the Ogden Union Station on February 22nd from 5-8pm. This includes a reception at 5 pm (outside around the Merci Car), a ceremony at 6 pm (inside the Browning Theater), display of French citizen’s original gifts from Utah’s car courtesy of Utah State Archives, and live music following. We will have several speakers that evening as part of the ceremony, including Utah’s Honorary Consul to France, Utah’s state leadership, Mayor Nadolski, Ogden-area military veterans, and the widow of the gentleman who ensured preservation of the Merci Car for the next generation.

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