The City Right-of-Way

Right-of-Way Areas 

The City Right-of-Way (ROW) area includes city streets, curb and gutter, park strips, and sidewalks (where present), and vary in width from 50ft to over 100ft in width

Below are examples of common Right-of-Way configurations found throughout Ogden City (Click to enlarge):

ROW - Standard (WEB)Standard Right-of-Way
ROW - Single Sidewalk (WEB)ROW with Single Sidewalk
ROW - No Sidewalk (WEB)ROW with NO Sidewalk

Right-of-Way Widths

Because Right-of-Way widths may differ from street-to-street, and there are times that the ROW line is located several feet behind the sidewalk or curb, it is recommended that you contact the Engineering Division at 801-629-8990 to verify ROW location and width. 

Who Can Work in the Right-of-Way?

Only Licensed Professional Contractors, who are insured and bonded with Ogden City, and who have a valid Engineering Permit may work in the Ogden City Right-of-Way.  See the Permits page for more information.

UDOT Right-of-Way

UDOT Permit: On State Roads, all work performed in the roadway (from back of curb to back of curb) requires UDOT approval and a UDOT Permit, and MUST conform to UDOT standards.  Contractors must obtain UDOT Approval for all traffic control placed in a State Road.

City Permit: All work performed in the UDOT Right-of-Way (from back of curb to Right-of-Way line) requires an Engineering Permit from Ogden City, and MUST conform to Ogden City Standards.

Both Permits Required: If your work takes place in both the roadway AND the city-maintained portion of the Right-of-Way, AND/OR your work involves a city utility buried beneath the roadway, then permits and inspections from BOTH agencies are required.

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