Animal Services


Residents of Ogden are allowed six total animals for their household - not more than two dogs or two ferrets are allowed in that total.

Pet Licensing

All dogs, cats, and ferrets must be licensed every year by the City. The purpose of licensing is to ensure all pets are vaccinated for rabies to prevent an outbreak of the rabies virus.

License Renewal

Pet licenses are renewable every year in the month your pet was licensed originally contingent upon a current rabies vaccination. Sterile animals, those who have been spayed or neutered, are licensed at a lesser fee than those who are unaltered. 


  • Ogden City Cashier
  • Ogden City Recreation Building
  • Francom Public Safety Center


 3-year: $25
1-year: $10 if sterile, $50 if unaltered

 3-year: $10
1-year: $5 if sterile, $35 if unaltered

Senior citizens age 60 or older may license their pets at a 20% discount from the posted fees.