(08/10/20) Ogden City is investigating all available options to bring curbside recycling back online for residents.  
Please continue to practice appropriate sorting as recycling may continue at any time and we want to make sure that our recyclables can be accepted as "clean" material.  Ogden City Administration places a high priority on bringing the program back as quickly as possible and will notify the public once a solution is in place. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work towards a viable resolution to this important issue.

Glass Recycling

Ogden City provides residents with glass recycling options at three separate locations. Large containers marked ‘Glass Recycling’ are located at 4th Street Park, the Green Waste Site and Ogden High School’s south parking lot.

Residents can drop off all types of glass at the bins, including brown, green and clear glass. Glass is not allowed in the blue recycle bins residents have at their home for curb side collection—those bins are to be used for plastic, aluminum, cardboard, and paper products only.

Momentum Recycling maintains the glass recycling bins and coverts post-consumer glass into high-quality raw material at their Salt Lake facility for a wide range of uses including decorative tiles, fiberglass insulation, sandblasting, filtration systems, and concrete additives.

Residents are urged to rinse out glass bottles, jars and containers and remove their labels and lids.