Ogden City Recycling Program on Temporary Hold

Ogden City’s recycling program is on temporary hold while contract negotiations are finalized with the current recycling provider. Last week, City Administration was notified of a 47% increase in tipping fees effective immediately for recycling.  This sudden change has made recycling 37% more expensive than the Weber County transfer station. Previous recycling costs were less expensive in comparison to the transfer station, making it a more viable option in the past.

The City places a high priority on this program and takes great pride in the results that help the community contribute to environmentally sustainable choices. City administration is working on a solution in hopes of quickly continuing the program.  

City garbage trucks will continue to pick up blue recycling bins on regularly scheduled pick up days. Please continue to sort waste materials normally by putting plastics (#1 & #2), non-waxed paper and clean aluminum in recycling bins, as the program could continue at any given time.  Continue taking plastic bags and wraps to local grocery stores that accept them.

Visit this page for program updates and answers to questions and concerns. 

Recycling Program Hold FAQ

  • Can I take my own recyclable products to local providers?  

Yes, check the website homepage prior to delivering your recyclables just in case the program is operating again. Check Recycled Earth for plastics and Blooms for metal and newspapers.

  • Can I still take glass to the glass recycling bins at Ogden High, 4th Street Park or Ogden’s Green Waste site? 

Yes, glass recycling is still in place.

  • Should I still put my blue bin on the curb on garbage day? 

Yes, the City will still operate trucks to get recycle bins. Please be sure to continue sorting garbage into green bins and recycling materials into blue bins.

  • Since the program is on hold, can I put regular garbage in recycling bins? 

 No, please continue to treat the blue bins as if the recycling program were active, as it may change at any given moment. 

  • Whom can I contact with questions?  

Please contact the Public Services department at 801-629-8271.