Rental At the Marshall White Center 

We are currently not taking rentals due to the closure of the building.

How To Rent from Us

Know whats Available 


Call or Visit to ask about certain Days or Times you would like 

Pay Deposit and Sign Contract to Reserve Day and Time Requested  

No Rental will be saved in calendar without Deposit Payment 

Whats Available 

-9 Rooms Available including 

6 Multi Purpose rooms 



Game Room (not available during operational hours)

- Half Gym 

Please note another renter can come rent the other side of the gym.  We ask if this happens to please be respectful to the other renters with sound or music 

- Full Gym


Deposits  Price  Notes 
50< People or 4< Hours  $180 Can Include multi day Rentals
50> People or > 3 Hours  $50  
Rented Item  During Normal Hours  After Normal Hours    Notes 
Room (Each) $10 Per Hour  $20 Per Hour     
Half Gym $15 Per Hour $20 Per Hour    Other Side Can be rented by another group
Half Gym (Team Sports) $20 Per Hour  $40 Per Hour    
Full Gym  $30 Per Hour  $40 Per Hours    
Full Gym (Team Sports) $40 Per Hour $60 Per Hour    
Game Room N/A $50 Per Hour   Not available for rent during hours
Rented Item Price  Notes 
Sound System/Projector $75 Per Event  
Security  Paid for by Lessee REQUIRED for parties of 100+ people

Please Contact our Office at 801-629-8346 with any questions or Inquires

Thanksgiving Dinner 2
MWC Rental 2
Thanksgiving dinner
MWC Rental 1