Storm Water

Storm Water Management Program

Ogden City's Storm Water Management Program is available for download in PDF format as a complete file.  Follow this link to the download page.

Managing Storm Water

Water that originates from snow melt, rainfall, and runoff from overwatered landscapes, accumulates throughout the City as storm water. In an effort to manage the flow and volume, which fluctuates greatly through the seasons, this excess water is collected in the City's storm water system and then released back into rivers, lakes, streams, and other existing water bodies.

Storm Water Collection

The Ogden region is made up of 38 square miles of mountainsides, foothills, hillside neighborhoods, and downtown urban areas. Storm water from this entire surface area is collected into four major detention basins, 22 retention ponds, and an intricate system of water pipes, ditches, and catch basins. Collecting the water and purposefully directing it back into nature helps reduce erosion, prevent seasonal flooding, and makes water flow in living areas more predictable year-round.

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