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Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area Plan


Ogden City is seeking public comment to the City’s proposed Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area (NRSA). The NRSA plan hopes to stimulate the economy, improve housing and empower low-income residents in Ogden's most distressed neighborhoods. The establishment of an NRSA is encouraged by HUD as a means to create communities of opportunity in distressed neighborhoods.  Please click here to make a comment:  fairhousing@ogdencity.com.

Citizen Participation Plan

The Citizen Participation Plan ensures continuity of citizen involvement in the planning, development, implementation, and assessment of programs funded through the City's Community and Economic Development Department. The plan describes the process the City uses to collect public input and to involve the public in the process of developing and implementing the Consolidated Plans, Annual Action Plans, and Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Reports.

Citizen input is highly encouraged, particularly regarding issues relating to Ogden's low-to-moderate income population because the programs and services initiated by the City's Community and Economic Development Department benefit Ogden's low-to-moderate individuals and neighborhoods.

Citizens are welcome and urged to participate in the entire planning process and may get involved through a variety of ways including:
  • Read the City's plans contained on this page and offer comments.
  • Send us an Email to add your name to the distribution list to be notified of public meetings.
  • Attend public meetings and share your opinions.
  • Meet with City personnel to discuss issues, schedule appointment by calling 801-629-8940.
The Citizen Participation Plan was developed in accordance with Sections 91.100 and 91.105 of HUD's Consolidated Plan regulations.

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