Meter Change-Out Project

Radio-Read Meters

For the past several years, the Ogden City Public Utilities division has been replacing old manually read meters with new radio-read meters in an effort to increase efficiency and provide better customer service to the residents of Ogden.


The new meters allow for more accurate meter reading, earlier detection of leaks and increases the number of meters that can be read in a single day. With manually read meters, approximately 250 - 300 meters can be read each day; with the new automatic meter reading technology (AMR) 300 meters can be read within a couple of hours.
New Neptune Meter


Currently 20,000 water meters have been replaced with the new radio-read meters. Over the next few months, Ogden City will continue to replace existing water meters with these new electronic meters. The installation of the electronic meters will make it possible to obtain an actual read on our meters throughout the year, barring any emergencies or meters that are temporarily inaccessible.


Each electronic meter is equipped with a radio transmitter. A City vehicle equipped with a mobile data collection system receives the signals while driving past the meter boxes. The new electronic meters are also able to store data on water usage and possible leaks that are detected. This information can be accessed and printed in reports offering valuable information to citizens on their water use.

Clear Access

Obstacles that may block the radio signals include building materials, foliage and metal objects located between the street and the meter pit. Therefore, it is very important that customers maintain clear access to their water meters from the public right-of-way.