Bill Details

Ogden City Public Utilities Division provides a detailed Monthly Bill (PDF) for all city supplied utilities which includes water, storm water, sanitary sewer, and refuse. Billings are calculated on a 30 day, monthly structure.


Actual readings are obtained within 1 to 5 days of the service date indicated on your billing. Initial and final bills are prorated for the actual dates of service. We make every effort to read each water meter every month barring adverse conditions, or inclement weather. Manually read meters are generally estimated from December through February due to snow and freezing temperatures.


In order to maintain the most cost efficient manner of meter reading, the City is divided into several control areas. The location of your property within this control area determines the day of the month your meter is read. Bills are produced weekly for each specific area. Because of this strict scheduling and our desire to offer quality service while maintaining cost efficiency, we regret that we are unable to change the day your meter is read and billed. Bills are due upon receipt and are considered past due twenty-three days from mailing.