Rates & Discounts

2023 Utility Billing Rate Chart


Residential and commercial water rates are based on the gallons of water used, meter size, a base rate and whether you have secondary water. The base rate is charged monthly, and is based on the water meter size. Sewer charges are billed in accordance with water use. The minimum sewer charge is based on the size of the water meter. Refuse and recycling rates are calculated separately. Areas furnished Ogden Water that are outside City limits are charged double rates


A discount of the minimum monthly charge, or base rate, is given to users who are granted tax abatement by Weber County. A 50% discount on the minimum monthly water service charge, or base rate, and a $2.50 per month discount on refuse service will be given to the following:

  1. Weber County Abatement Discount: Any user in a single or two-family dwelling who as an owner of the property is, each year, granted abatement for taxes on their dwelling in Weber County.
  2. Military Discount: Any residential user who is responsible for an Ogden City Utility bill and is deployed to a combat zone designated by the President of the United States. Satisfactory proof of deployment must be provided to the Utility Manager. Owner, owner's spouse or tenant, with verification of lease and responsibility to pay the utility bill are able to apply for this discount. The discount or reduction shall be limited to the period of deployment and shall be applied to all members of the U.S. military, including active duty, reserve and national guard troops.