Legislative Priorities

Prior to the start of each new fiscal year in July, Ogden City Council members review and revise priorities they strive to make significant progress on during the coming year.

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Ogden City Council discusses vacation rentals.


The City Council adopts a budget for Ogden City, the Redevelopment Agency and Municipal Building Authority. The budget is one of the Council’s strongest policy-making tools because it is an effective way to set goals and establish priorities.

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Ceremonial Recognition

An individual or group may be formally recognized by the Council through ceremonial recognition's.

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Planning Projects

The Council considers action on several planning and land use projects.

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College Town

Ogden City and Weber State University (WSU) established the College Town Initiative in 2012. The initiative has led to an ongoing partnership that opens new doors to future opportunities and collaborations.

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Council Media Room

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  1. Budget Snapshot

    City Council adopts final budget for Fiscal Year 2019

    The Ogden City Council adopted the FY2019 City Budget, following the August 7th Truth in Taxation hearing. Read on...
  2. 20180102_163451

    Ogden City Council and Mayor pass joint resolution to protect residents against hate

    On January 23, 2018, a joint resolution reaffirming the protection of civil liberties, religious freedoms, and dignity of all residents, was passed by the Ogden City Council and Mayor Michael P. Caldwell. Read on...
  3. Ogden City Council 2018 Induction

    Ogden City Council Members and 2018 leadership sworn into office

    Newly elected Ogden City Council member Angela Choberka and re-elected Council members Bart Blair, Doug Stephens, and Marcia White took the oath of office on January 2, and the Council selected Richard Hyer as Chair and Ben Nadolski as Vice Chair. Read on...
  4. 12-19-2017 Backyard Chickens Discussion

    Ogden City Council adopts ordinance allowing backyard chickens

    The Ogden City Council, in a 4-3 vote on December 19, adopted an ordinance allowing backyard chickens in Ogden’s residential neighborhoods. Read on...
  5. Backyard Chickens to be considered on December 19

    Ogden City Council to consider petition to allow backyard chickens

    On Tuesday, December 19, 2017, the Ogden City Council will consider a petition and an alternative ordinance to allow backyard chickens. Read on...
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