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First Friday Art Stroll Showings-May 3, 2019

Items of interest:


The Corner

, a community hot spot will continue to be open for the Art Stroll! Stop by to say hello and hear about what they are offering the community. The Corner is literally located at the South West corner of Washington and 25th Street.  You can pick up your map for the Art Stroll here.    2501 Washington Blvd. Follow them on IG: the_corner_ogden and on FB: TheCorner.




DaVinci Academy of Arts and the Science

will host their last art stroll in May. If you have not had a chance to stop by and see the s art work from students here is your chance. The graduating class of 2019 have won contests and received scholarships for their visual art. Congratulations to the students for their hard work this past year: 

Mason Evenhuis         Alejandro Martinez         Aunika Woodbury                                                                                                                     Paige Iddings             Steven Rimmasch         Jackson Stull                                                                                                                                Gavin Lepore           Jacob Robinson              Cache Stegen



Pop-up Event

happening at

The Corner


The Comedy Loft

! Stop by for a FREE fun night of comedy improv based on the audience’s suggestion. It all starts at 6 p.m. on the grass area by The Corner. Come out and show your support and have some laughs.


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Gallery Happenings -

Art Box

–  The Art Box is delighted to feature Holly Thompson for May’s First Friday Art Stroll. Holly grew up knowing she wanted to be an artist and always planned on illustrating children's books. She received an art scholarship and moved to the city to pursue an illustration degree, but quickly realized two important things: she missed nature, and she'd rather paint her favorite things over and over again instead of being told what to draw. So, she moved back home to the mountains of Northern Utah and graduated from Utah State University in 2009 with a degree in art.

After graduating college, she moved around the Rocky Mountain west, backpacking and skiing with her husband and finding motivation in the trees and wildflowers. In 2018, she settled in Liberty, Utah, where she has found new inspiration in the green mountains and bright skies.

Holly is the mother of two little boys, but still tries to sneak in painting every day during nap time. She enjoys string quartets, mowing the lawn, and the oxford comma.

Stop by Friday, May 3rd from 6-9 p.m. to meet Holly and see her amazing work!

Art Box - 215 Historic 25th Street, Ogden

Bliss Skincare Studio – 

For the May Art Stroll, Bliss Skincare Studio is proud to feature the art of Richard Bowman. Richard will feature original acrylic abstracts, as well as pencils and chalk sketches.

He will have art available for purchase as well as able to take orders for custom pieces.

Richard is 88 years young and is a self- taught artist. He is a proud Navy veteran who served in the Korean War. Richard spent most of his life in the Ogden area where he worked for Utah Power and Light (now Rocky Mountain Power) and raising his 4 children. 

Not only is he a phenomenal artist, but he’s an exceptional person and you will love him just as much as his art! The stories behind his artwork are amazing. Stop by Bliss Skincare Studio and meet Richard.

Bliss Skincare Studio - 2422 Grant Avenue, Ogden

Cara Koolmees -

 Cara Koomees Art Gallery will be closed for the May Art Stroll, stop by in June.

Cara Koolmees – 256 Historic 25th Street, Ogden

Cuppa – 

No info given

Cuppa - 552 East 25th Street, Ogden

DaVinci Academy of Science and the Arts – 

 This is the FINAL art stroll season for DaVinci Academy of Science and the Arts. Their final exhibit features graduating students in visual arts. Some of the artists have received scholarships and awards for their upcoming graduation. Congratulations to all the students and thank you for being part of our Art Stroll this past year. Stop by and support the students in their final event: Mason Evenhuis , Alejandro Martinez , Aunika Woodbury , paige Iddings, Steven Rimmasch, Jackson Stull, Gavin Lepore, Jacob Robinson and Cache Stegen.                                                                                                                              

DaVinci Academy of Science and the Arts - 2033 Grant Avenue, Ogden


Eccles Community Art Center – 

 During May, The Eccles Art Center in Ogden will be presenting the Utah Watercolor Society (UWS) Spring Salon and an exhibit of recycled works created by Utah teens ages 12 to 21 years old.    A reception for the artists and public is planned to coincide with Ogden's Art Stroll on Friday, May 3, 2019 from 5 to 8 p.m.


The 2019 Utah Watercolor Society (UWS) Spring Open Exhibition will include water media paintings selected from Utah artists.  Viewer are invited to enjoy the incredible efforts of UWS members and others. UWS is a 350+ member, non- profit organization formed to further the activity and interest in water media.  More UWS information is available at  The water media paintings will remain on exhibit through May 25th.


The Eccles Art Center's recycled art competition is open to youths ages 12 to 21 from public, independent, charter and home schools or community youth organizations.  Youths submitted an original creation made in class or at home from recycled materials.  This is a judged competition and awards are given.  The exhibit is on display from April 23 through May 7, 2019.  Assistant director, Debra Muller is often impressed by the creativity and artistic expression that is represented in the Recycled Art Competition.


The Art Center staff invites you to visit during the May 3rd Art Stroll, the return during the month to enjoy the paintings in UWS Open Exhibition. Regular gallery hours are weekdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  For information call us at 801-392-6935 or visit our web site at

Eccles Community Art Center - 2580 Jefferson Ave, Ogden

Gallery 25 –  

For the May art stroll, Gallery 25 will feature the new work from Keith Dabb. Keith is well represented in Utah but also in Scottsdale and in a gallery in Massachusetts.

Gallery 25 believes is beautiful fine art that resonates with potential customers that not only meets standards of aesthetic value but composition, meaningfulness, not just what’s popular and most importantly creating that art so the piece ends up in your home, meaning that we consider price.

Keith meets each of those criteria with much of his subjects of the outdoors and animals in nature that bring beauty to the homes of where his art hangs. In fact, one of his new pieces already sold below and the other is still available. Keith also has outstanding cards and is the artist with the most cards sold throughout the year. There is always someone who would enjoy his wonderful blank cards with outstanding art on the front. One customer last month ordered four dozen.

Please come out and enjoy the new art of Mike Gardner who is joining Jerry Hancock from their Studio 9 in Gallery 25. We are pleased to announce the return of Deena Millecam with her new impressionistic style in watercolors. Stop by Gallery 25 to see all the art they have.

Gallery 25 - 268 25th Street, Ogden                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Grounds for Coffee on 25th St. - 

During the May Art Stroll Grounds for Coffee on 25th will have featured work by Amy Wangsgaard.

Grounds for Coffee - 111 Historic 25th Street, Ogden

Grounds for Coffee on Harrison & 30th –

 Grounds for Coffee on 30th will have feature art work from Marcus Poldore.Grounds for Coffee - 3005 Harrison Blvd, Ogden

Hippie Skin –  

Hippie Skin will feature Ogden-based photographer, Karina Koot. She has been honing her skills in portrait and fine art photography for the past 10 years. She decided to take her love of photography and visual expression to the next level after emigrating to Utah with her husband and four kids from her native country of The Netherlands.

A passionate singer, former piano teacher and amateur poet, Karina truly is a creative at her core. She believes she owes much of this creativity to her lifelong struggle with bipolar disorder. This has given her an edge in her photography because of her ability to relate to her subjects and/or audience in a vulnerable, deeply human way.

Finding inspiration in nature, childhood, music and literature, her work shows a constant attempt to visually marry her opposing moods by taking light, colorful, beautiful things, and juxtaposing them into a darker narrative. Her work has been showcased on several online platforms such as Flickr's photo of the day, and

To see more of her work, visit, or follow @Hummingdust on Instagram.

Hippie Skin - 2424 Wall Avenue, Ogden

Kaffe Mercantile (Downtown location) – 

Pando Art Collective will be presenting their show “Icon” at Kaffe Mercantile for the month of May. Come see this talented group of Ogden artists and their creative works at First Friday Art Stroll on May 3rd.

Kaffe Mercantile downtown - 2276 Washington Blvd. Suite 101, Ogden

Lucky Slice –

  No info given

Lucky Slice - 200 25th St, Ogden

Ogden UnCon Cosplay Gallery – 

No info given

Ogden UnCon - 2254 Washington Blvd., Ogden

Ogden First, Inc.’s PLATFORMS –  

Check out the new murals behind The Monarch. The voting finished and the winners of the #ARTicipate mural contest are: “Electric West” by Lindsay Huss, “Bees” by Jessica Ritter, and “Grow Where You Are” by Emily Munk. Congratulations to all the participants


PLATFORMS - 490 25th Street, Ogden

Rainy Day Emporium – 

Join Rainy Day Emporium during the First Friday Art Stroll. Their special guest is local author Jennifer Jones. Jennifer produces the blog The Dead History, operates newly launched Ogden History Tours, and wrote Ghosts of Ogden, Brigham City, and Logan which we’ll have in store for purchase and signing. She’ll be here to meet with you and chat about local stories, her book, and the series of tours she’s leading on Historic 25th Street. You won’t want to miss out on this unique opportunity!

Rainy Day Emporium - 155 Historic 25th Street, Ogden 

Shaw Gallery at Weber State University – 

 The Shaw Gallery will be closed for programming during the summer months. They will reopen for their fall show on September 13.
Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallery- 3964 West Campus Drive, Department 2001, Ogden

The Argo House – 

This is the final month of the Milky Silky Soft & Pretty works by Michelle Montrose Larsen. Her work explores intersections between food, sex and the human body and how these physical aspects of being human are presented in commercial settings. Sex is used to sell everything, whether it be cheeseburgers, hand soap, or shoes.

The Argo House - 529 25th Street, Ogden

The Bigelow Hotel -

 No info given

The Bigelow Hotel – 2510 Washington Blvd., Ogden

The Cupcake Shoppe and Bakery

 - For May’s art stroll The Cupcake Shoppe and Bakery will feature work from Vintage Gathering Aprons. What better way than to have fun and colorful aprons for sale. Stop by and check the aprons and have a taste of the desserts!

The Cupcake Shoppe and Bakery - 2352 Kiesel Road, Ogden

The Diamond Room – 

For the art stroll they will feature art from Holly Morphet, along with the musical sounds from Rick Odell.

Diamond Room - 115 Historic 25th Street, Ogden

The Front Climbing Club –

  No info given

The Front-Climbing Club - 225 20th Street, Ogden

The Local Artisan Collective –

  The Local Artisan Collective welcome’s you to the May 3rd Art Stroll!
Their featured artist this month is
Sarah Abagulum. Her bio: Hi! I'm Sarah Abagulum, a visual art teacher based at The Local Artisan Collective. I founded Ogden's Art Club and I've been teaching pastels, watercolor, and oil for four years.
Born right here in Ogden, Utah, I moved with my family to California when I was seventeen and later received a Bachelors in Elementary Education from Brigham Young University-Hawaii. After teaching and receiving pedagogy training at Mission: Renaissance-Fine Art Classes in California, I returned home to Ogden with my daughter and taught kindergarten until I was drawn to follow my true passion which has always been art education. This led me to start Ogden's Art Club. Here I offer classes where students learn to use pastels, watercolors, and oils while getting a solid foundation in best drawing and painting practices as well as immersion in medium techniques and tools. I teach because I believe education goes beyond ABC's and 123's. Education is made meaningful by being part of the positive in a student's life.

Demonstrations & Classes:
Rene Venegas from Galleon's Gold Jewelrywill be teaching a copper cuff bracelet class. To find out more: (In Classroom A)

Shannon Banks will be crocheting something beautiful at the Art Stroll. (By the front register)

Suzanne Rubin from Creativity Connects will be doing mixed media painting demonstrations. (By the front north doors)

Showcasing Students Work:
Oop's I Arted Homeschool, and Afterschool art will be showcased. This class is taught by
Hollie McKeeth from Hollie.McKeeth.Designs and Stephanie Howerton from Our Children's Earth. (In classroom B)

Sarah Abagulum from Ogden's Art Club will be showcasing her student's artwork from her classes. (By front north door)

Candice Lya Ortiz from Gaia Henna will be showcasing her students’ art. (In Classroom A)

Come and get delicious goodies with us to celebrate the Art Stroll.

The Local Artisan Collective - 2371 Kiesel Ave, Ogden.

The Monarch –

  For May’s art stroll Van Sessions will continue with the Banyan Collective, live music and host their podcast from            7-9 p.m.

The Monarch – 251- 499 25th Street, Ogden

Union Station –

Locations at the Union Station below

Gallery at the Station, Union Station –

 The Gallery at the Station will be highlighting the Spike 150th Art poster winners. Also, being highlighted is the historical photographs from the Spike 50th, Spike 100th from the Weber State University Special programming.

Union Station - 2501 Wall Ave, Ogden

Myra Powell Gallery, Union Station –

Ceramics: Material Methods showcases the diverse work of current and recent students in the Ceramics Department at Weber State University. This exhibition illustrates the versatility, and many uses of clay and highlights each artist’s personal mode of expression.

Ceramics: Material Methods, an exhibition from the Department of Visual Art & Design at Weber State University curated by Stephen Wolochowicz. The exhibition will be on display at the Union Station Myra Powell Art Gallery through April 2019.

Union Station - 2501 Wall Ave, Ogden

Nurture the Creative Mind –

 They are featuring, People of Color Co Lab during the First Friday Art Stroll. This event will feature art from various mediums by artists of color or art of people of color. 
The gallery will be open throughout the evening and the panel discussion will take place around 7:15 p.m. Nurture the Creative Mind hosts a monthly community exhibit and meetup in partnership with the Utah Arts Alliance and CONNECT. Each month we will exhibit the works of local youth and adult artist and host various panels and CoLaborative workshops.
Please join them this month and every First Friday as they continue to grow with your help, expand and strengthen the arts community of Ogden.

Nurture the Creative Mind - 2501 Wall Ave, Ogden – (South end of the Union Station)

Waffle Love Ogden - 

 For the May art stroll Waffle Love Ogden will have Brandy. Her thematic content of work often details the nature of humans in their emotions, society and life. Although the subject matter might be considered as heavy or harsh, the environmental series painted in response to Utah’s wintertime poor air quality, the whimsical strokes and bright colors she uses play on the canvas as the sugary spoons that buffer the harsh edges of the content matter.

Waffle Love Ogden – 109 25th Street, Ogden

Wasatch Roasting Company – 

Wasatch Roasting Company is excited to feature the works of our May's artist, Ed Venture! Ed Venture is the Art Director for a television reality show by day, and an experimental artist/insomniac by witching hour. Influenced by some bastardized combination of anime and fever dreams, she is slowly making her way back into the world of traditional art from the digital world she built her career in. In this series she hopes to invoke a familiar feeling of the more ephemeral parts of being human.

Outside, in Origin-Alley Art Gallery, we will display new artwork from Rich Ramos, Nezak, Jaroh and other local artists. We will provide outdoor seating in the alley as well as live music during the stroll.

Wasatch Roasting Company - 2436 Grant Ave., Ogden

Zucca Underground – 

For the May Art Stroll Zucca will feature work from Sarah Gowe and Chris Bodily.

Zucca Underground - 225 25th Street, Ogden     

Printable map with locations for the Art Stroll