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 First Friday Art Stroll Showings-November 2, 2018

Items of Interest: 




The Corner, a brand new community hotspot, will be open for the Art Stroll! Stop by to say hello and hear about what they will be offering the community. The Corner is literally located at the South West corner of Washington and 25th Street.  You can pick up your map for the Art Stroll here. 2501 Washington Blvd.



           Van Sessions is at it again with their Fall Season of live musical performances taking place out of the Tan Van. Van Sessions will be in the parking area just East of The Monarch. Stop by and look at Ink Dwell Studio’s latest Migrating Mural installation of the Monarch Butterfly while you listen to the great tunes. 455 25th Street.



           Hippie Skin is another brand new location at the Art Stroll! We are excited to have this stop join us every month. Find out about their new art installation, ESTEEM.  Hippie Skin is located at 2424 Wall Ave.

Gallery Happenings—

Art Box –

Art Box is delighted to feature Cathy Cartwright for November’s Art Stroll.  Cathy is a self-taught glass and fiber artist.  She creates fused glass jewelry, plates and sculptures, including fused glass roll-ups which are made using both glassblowing and fusing techniques. As a fiber artist, Cathy has explored printing photographs on linen, painting on cotton and silk and felting, including needle and wet. Colors, texture and all things whimsical endlessly fascinate Cathy. For her upcoming November show at Art Box, Cathy has created a menagerie of curious creatures made from recycled wool sweaters.  In this collection, you will find everything from angels to beasties.

We hope you can pop into Art Box Friday evening, November 2, to meet Cathy and see her curiously cute work!

Art Box is located at 215 Historic 25th Street.

Bella Muse Gallery –

No information for November

Bella Muse Gallery, 101 Historic 25th St., Ogden, UT   Phone - 385-399-7969

Cuppa –

No information for November

Cuppa is located at 552 East 25th Street. Visit their website:

DaVinci Academy of Science and the Arts -

DaVinci Academy will be exhibiting artwork by advanced painting and drawing students, Stella Ferro, Annalyn Hatch, Kaitlyn Kinsella, and Rachel Love. Along with ceramic and sculptural work by advanced students, Henry Rimmasch, Bronson Bowler, Logan Nickisch, Kaityn Robinson-Hanchett, Christina Alarcon, Sirr Ledesma and Ethan Gerena.

DaVinci Academy of Science and the Arts - 2033 Grant Avenue, Ogden, UT 84401

The Eccles Community Art Center –

This November, the Eccles Art Center, 2580 Jefferson Avenue, Ogden, Main Gallery will feature the exhibit “Relative Truth” with artwork by Collin Noortmann Chandler, Mark Seawell and Chris Miller. The Carriage House Gallery will display the photographs of Dr. & Mrs. Steven and Camille Cain.  A reception for the artists and an evening of holiday shopping will be on Friday, November 2, 2018 from 5 to 8 p.m.  Shannon Roberts, director of bands, WSU will be providing the music during the reception. The exhibits continue through November 26, 2018.

“The “Relative Truth” was created (figuratively) from the ashes of another intention.  Initially the artists had something different in mind, but found that plan thwarted by uncontrollable circumstances.”  They said, “We were in possession of a curious thing.  We had hundreds of photographs of one historic, if dilapidated, building taken on one remarkable day, by three skilled and experienced artists with different sensibilities.”  A fine art painter, Collin n Chandler, a digital artist/photographer, Chris Miller, and a traditional art photographer, Mark Seawell interpret the old Livestock Business Exchange Building.

“We had accidentally created the basis for a much more interesting exhibit, one that explored not the building, but what we, together and separately, brought to it, took from it, and then created from there.”  These artists indicate that in relating to their works the viewer will become a part of the experience.

In the Carriage House Gallery, the photographs of Camille and Steven Cain, Dominion Photography feature images from their world travels.  “Photography has become the ideal companion to our travel.  Seven continents, the flora and fauna of countries abroad, and extraordinary cultures have illuminated our paths.  Recording and sharing images of the beauty and grandeur we have encountered has become our passion.”  Not limited to landscapes, they have captured the power of the large African cats, the weathered, wisdom of a holy man, as well as the grace and beauty of running Icelandic horses.  Their photography shares their vision and experiences with the viewer.

We invite you to visit the Eccles Art Center and its galleries. Main galleries hours are Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Carriage House Gift Gallery hours are weekdays 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The art center will close on November 22 through 25, 2018. For more information, call us at 801-392-6935 or review our website at

Eccles Community Art Center is located at 2580 Jefferson Ave, Ogden

Gallery 25 –

Gallery 25’s featured artists for the month of November’s showcase will be as follows; Kris Wilson, Cara Koomes, Doug Weiwer, Doug Wride, Wendy Anderson, Jada Lilly and David Crowther.

A great combination of talented Utah artists so sure! Reception with refreshments and musical entertainment by John Burrows from the great Wasatch Wild band.

Gallery 25 is located at 268 25th Street.


Gallery at the Station, Union Station

– No information for November

Union Station is located at 2501 Wall Ave, Ogden


Grounds for Coffee - 25th Street –

No information for November

Grounds for Coffee is located at 111 Historic 25th Street

Grounds for Coffee on Harrison & 30th –

Join us for Open Mic Night on the 1st & 3rd Friday of the month from 8 – 10 p.m. Show your work whether it is poetry, music or spoken word. Grounds for Coffee and KWCR, Weber State University’s school radio station will host the event. Their featured artists for the month is Trevor and Tina Southam.

Grounds for Coffee is located at 3005 Harrison Blvd. Ogden, UT

Harley and Bucks –

No information for November

Harley and Bucks is located at 2432 Washington Blvd.

Hippie Skin - ESTEEM

Hippie Skin is proud to announce the launch of their new art installation, ESTEEM, which aims to highlight the societal norms surrounding beauty by painting a vivid picture of real women in the community and the desires they have to feel beautiful despite their perceived limitations.  This month, photographer Taylor Lund is displaying five women from the local community who have bravely chosen to bare their insecurities for this project. Some samples include a successful career woman and mother who picks apart her physical appearance, a successful business owner who has battled her issues with self-esteem and gone on to create an organization that empowers women and three other incredible women sharing their stories of their journey through insecurity with us.

What makes this installation special is you.  We are opening our doors on November 2, to invite you to view the stories of these women.  As you view and ponder their journey, we will have pen and paper on hand and encourage all to pen a written submission to these brave women, to remind them of what makes them beautiful.  As we raise funds to continue the project, each women will be gifted these portraits and your letters of love, to have in her home and to serve as a reminder of their unassailable value.

Hippie Skin is located at 2424 Wall Ave Ogden, UT

Kaffe Mercantile Downtown location –

No information for November

Kaffe Mercantile downtown location is located at 2276 Washington Blvd. Suite 101, Ogden, Utah.

Lucky Slice –

Our featured artist for the art stroll in November is Wynter McBride.                                                     Bio: Wynter McBride is a student, artist and outdoor enthusiast from Ogden, Utah. Art has been huge part of her life since a young age. Inspirations come from surrealism, non-objective art, and abstract art, specifically, Rene Magritte, Salvador Dali, and Wassily Kandinsky.

Lucky Slice is located 200 25th St, Ogden, UT 84401

Myra Powell Gallery, Union Station –

No information for November

Union Station is located at 2501 Wall Ave, Ogden.

Nurture the Creative Mind –

No information for November

Nurture the Creative Mind is located at South end of the Union Station - 2501 Wall Ave, Ogden.

Ogden UnCon Cosplay Gallery –

No information for November

Ogden UnCon is located at- 2254 Washington Blvd.

Ogden First, Inc.’s PLATFORMS –

1).  O1|PLATFORMS is extending its Kaleidoscope exhibition through mid-November; we encourage folks to stop by during Stroll.

2). For those wanting to help stem the monarch butterfly's precipitous decline, they are encouraged to plant native milkweed species.  To help with that, O1ARTS will be giving free seed packets (#FreeWeed while supplies last) to folks who stop by the mural, on Friday November 2 (coinciding with Ogden City Arts' First Friday Art Stroll) from 6-9pm. 

Art Stroll visitors are also encouraged to take selfies with the mural, post on social media using #o1walls, #migratingmural and #monarchinmoda hashtags, and enjoy free musical performances by (and interviews of) local musicians, during #VanSessions, hosted by The Banyan Collective.

PLATFORMS is located at 490 25th St. Ogden, UT

Rainy Day Emporium -

Rainy Day Emporium’s artist will be Andrew Shorts from Wyze Spray Art. Andrew is a 22- year-old artist who loves exploring new mediums, but a can of spray paint is where he is happiest and most comfortable. He works many angles of the spray paint spectrum from concrete walls to canvas, but his hand drawn/hand cut stencil pieces are his bread and butter. In his drawings and paintings, he expresses his foundation and inspiration through his journey as a father, a retired professional skier, and recovering addict.

Rainy Day Emporium is located at 155 Historic 25th Street

RE/MAX Community – Valley -

Featured Artist: Carly Carn (Acrylic, Oil, Watercolors & Drawings)

Artist Bio- 

I started painting almost two years ago and began drawing about 7 months ago. I have always been a creative person and projected it in my home and life, but never believed in myself enough to embrace it as an artist. In fact, I literally stumbled upon art! Painting events always caught my attention but I never seemed to make it to one, so I decided to try painting on my own. Less than a month later, I started my own “paint night”. To be completely honest I never set out to be an artist but the more I pursue art, the more it unfolds. I started out using only acrylic and felt intimidated yet intrigued by oils. I decided the only way to conquer that intimidation was to face it, and I fell in love! Watercolors came next and I am so glad I gave them a shot because on most days they are my favorite. After the passing of a loved one, I realized that I really wanted to be able to draw or paint faces to help ease the pain of loss and more accurately share my newfound gift. I went to high school with an amazing artist who made sketching look like a breeze, so I reached out to her and asked if she could help me figure out my next hurdle. After five hours in a bar with her, I was astounded by her ability to bring to life what was in me.  I now love to draw and look forward to trying out every medium available to me. I hope to inspire others to believe in themselves and find their own forms of creativity. We as human beings do not realize how powerful belief in others and ourselves can be.

Re/Max Community-Valley is located at 227 25th Street Ogden, UT

Shaw Gallery at Weber State University -

The Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallery at Weber State University presents the 2018 Biennial Faculty Exhibition from Friday, September 14 through Saturday, November 10, 2018 in the Ethel Wattis Kimball Visual Arts Building. The exhibition is free and open to the public. The exhibition features recent art by nearly 30 artists teaching in the Department of Visual Art and Design (DOVAD) with concentrations in ceramics, digital media, drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, performance and graphic design.

“Students are often unaware of the most important source of energy that is so evident here in the teaching environment; namely, the intensity and drive that each faculty member brings to his or her own studio practice. This faculty is actively involved in the creation and exhibition of contemporary art, and the Biennial Faculty Exhibition provides a valuable opportunity for students to see just how the ideas discussed in the classroom are manifested in the studios of our faculty,” Matthew Choberka, Professor and Chair of the Department of Visual Art and Design.

The Biennial Faculty Exhibition includes a wide range of media and artistic styles that reflect the breadth of art practices. These faculty members teach over 3500 students and mentor 300 art majors annually, developing art and design professionals with critical thinking skills through educational experiences based in history, theory and practice.

A free yoga class will take place Monday evenings from 5-9p.m. during the Biennial Faculty Exhibition and will offer visitors a unique chance to experience the exhibition by connecting mind, body and art! All ages and abilities are welcome, with yoga mats provided. Parking adjacent to the Kimball Visual Arts center is free after 4 p.m. on weekdays and all day on Saturdays.

Regular hours for the Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallery are M-F from 11a.m. - 5p.m., Saturdays from 12 - 5p.m., and First Friday Art stroll from 5 - 9p.m. during exhibitions that take place September – April.                                         

Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallery is located at 3964 West Campus Drive, Department 2001, Ogden, Utah 84408

Shepherd Union Art Gallery – No information for November

Shepherd Union Art Gallery near the Fireplace Lounge, 3910 W Campus Dr. Ogden, UT 84408

The Argo House – Will continue with Jaxsen Layton: Fluid Cognition, a collection of paintings, drawings, and prints from Mr. Layton, a 2017 graduate of Weber State University. Fluid Cognition will be open Friday, November 2 from 6-8 p.m. The exhibition is free and open to the public.

With an emphasis on two-dimensional artwork, Jaxsen uses drawing and painting as a vehicle to display the dichotomy and nuances of life. Biology, organic forms, anatomy, media and subcultures influence him in his life such as skateboard graphics, and music. Artists such as Inka Essenhigh, Ed Templeton, and James Jean, inspire and influence his work as well.

Fluid Cognition is replete with imagined organic shapes, with references to both fantastical creatures and real biologist. Brilliantly colored paintings contrast with monochrome drawings and psychedelic-patterned prints in this varied exhibition. Also varied are the artist’s techniques: hand-drawing/painting and digital manipulation are all used to great effect.

The Argo House – 529 25th Street, Ogden, UT 84401

The Front Climbing Club – Ogden's First Friday Art Stroll is coming up on November 2!

We are looking forward to having the artwork of Kirsty Gemma ( on our walls at The Front Climbing Club (Ogden, UT) for the month of November!

Stop by the gym from 6pm - 9pm for small bites, local art, and live music from Rachel Woods and Jonny Carver.

hors d'oeuvres • drinks • climbing • art

See you there!

The Front-Climbing Club is located at 225 20th St. Ogden

The Local Artisan Collective -

Our featured artists this month is Celia J Kent: I have been drawing since I can remember but did not get the nerve to tackle color seriously until I was in my thirties, (how long ago that is classified).  I taught myself how to paint and improve my drawing by reading and doing and failing and doing some more.  This is what works for me.

I will always enjoy doing traditional landscapes and the challenge of portrait painting, whether it is people or animals. I have found a new love in abstract painting in the form of my meditation boxes and panels.  This occurred when I revisited sketching without any specific image in mind.  It just felt good to have the pencil in my hand and no pressure to represent anything in particular. The pencil wandered, stopped and started, and eventually, the drawing was done.  The surprise was an image that really was nothing and everything at the same time.  I found that life and art combined subconsciously in a completely new form of expression.  These I turned into finished paintings.    

 I hope that those who see my meditations and the traditional pieces will appreciate that they are two sides of the same coin...that one feeds the other...the child who nurtures the adult.


 Make and Take Shabby Chic Pumpkins from 6:30-7:30 p.m. by Mindy Stevens Brown by Mindy’s Custom Vinyl.  In Classroom B.

Copper Cuff Bracelet from 6:00 to 7:30 by Rene Venegas from Galleon's Gold Jewelry. In Classroom A

Clay Fairy House, Make and Take at 7:45 by Stephanie Howerton from Our Children’s Earth.  In Classroom B.


Live demos of our wood electrocution "Lichtenberg" art! Artist Charity Judkins from Modern Elemental Ergon uses 2500 volts of electricity through the wood to create natural fractile patterns!

South Ogden Junior High art 1 students will be show casing their art.  For this project, students had to take their own photo, focusing on zooming, cropping, and texture. They had to edit the photo and then use a grid to enlarge the photo.  Then they created the value and texture with charcoal.

The Collective is located at 2371 Kiesel Ave, Ogden.

Wasatch Roasting Company –

No information given for November

Wasatch Roasting Company is located at 2436 Grant Ave Ogden, Utah.

The Weber Center –

No information given for November

The Weber Center is located at 2380 Washington Blvd. Ogden, Utah

Zucca Underground –

For the art stroll, we will feature work from Erica Lyon. She will display two different works, one a new acrylic series about snow and a mountain bike series of local trails in Ogden in watercolor and pen. Her artwork is a representation of her thoughts without words, travels in the vertical world, adventures to faraway places, and those inward journeys of the heart and soul.

Artist - Ever since Erica could stand at an easel, she has painted. Childhood books with illustrations by Peter Parnal and the natural spaces in which we get to play is an inspiration to her. The open, clean lines and bright colors draw you - the observer, into places that you hold in your heart. Her paintings are not only representations of places she goes, but represent what she loves about a particular area, captured onto paper, canvas, or wood.

Teacher - Erica takes what she learns as an artist and teaches it to her high school students through visual art. She is inspired daily by her students and challenged to improve her own art abilities. A cycle of knowledge takes place through this process of teaching and learning.

Steward - Erica has helped raise thousands of dollars by donating art to non-profits and causes that relate to what she loves in life: the Yosemite Climbing Association, Ogden Trails Network, Access Fund, and Salt Lake Climbers Alliance. She served as a Peace Corps volunteer, combining her love of travel and art while teaching art to Deaf students in Ghana.  In addition, she has raised four guide dogs, one of whom is the current classroom therapy dog.

Adventure - Erica has lived all over the Western half of the US and in West Africa. Climbing, paddle boarding, skiing, camping, and hiking with the love of her life, Tom and their dog, Griffin, is what feeds her soul.

Facebook - EricaLyonArt  Instagram - ericamlyon

Zucca Underground is located at 225 25th Street Ogden, UT   Website:

*This is a small listing of the many different galleries whom participate in the stroll each month. There is much more to be enjoyed during the stroll.
If the list shows no information given, that doesn't mean they are not participating in the stroll, be sure to stop by to see what they have in store for you! 

Printable map with locations for the Art Stroll