Rent the Amphitheater

*COVID-19 updates for 2020 season. Please note that the Amphitheater capacity is limited to 150 guests at this time. Interested parties must also familiarize themselves with state guidelines and Covid related documents (listed below). 

Stage & Backstage

  • Backstage is unavailable indefinitely. No green rooms or performer common space will be provided.
  • Only staff will be allowed beyond the backstage threshold (still allowing performers to cross backstage).
  • Limited number of people can be on the stage, allowing for 6ft distancing, including backstage (in the wings). This includes instructors/directors, and should allow room for production and staff.
  • Larger performance groups will have to que off stage, in the grounds.
  • Guests, organizers, and performers will have access to the outside restrooms.
  • Staging and props should be kept to a minimum.
  • Performers should not touch any items on the stage, lest it be sanitized well.
  • The stage should be sanitized between performances where the stage is heavily touched (i.e. floor choreo).
  • All organizers, instructors, and parents are expected to wear a mask.
  • Performers should wear a mask when not performing.

Audience and Guests

  • No Shade Sales (postponed indefinitely)
  • The fixed seating near the stage is unavailable to all events & rentals indefinitely.
  • All guests and audience member should be encouraged to wear a mask.
  • Spaces will be marked in the grass area with 10ft social distancing in mind.
  • Household groups can occupy these spaces, but must keep distance from others.
  • Absolutely no congregating allowed.
  • Guests can bring in low-back chairs and blankets.
  • No umbrellas, high-back chairs allowed in the amphitheater. Please be considerate of all the guests enjoying the program.
  • Guests, organizers, and performers will have access to the outside restrooms.
  • Masculine restrooms are available on The West Side, and Feminine Restrooms are available on the East side.
  • Ogden City Staff will clean and sanitize the restrooms at the beginning and end of the event, but individual organizers are responsible for sanitizing during the event.
  • All surfaces should be no-touch.
  • The Ogden Amphitheater will provide signage will remind guests to be considerate and maintain distance (that is consistent with other Ogden City buildings and parks).
  • Additional signage

Reach out to our team with any questions!

Whether you’re looking to rent an outdoor space for a small market or a large concert, we got you! With flexible rates to meet your needs, our team is ready to help make your event spectacular! Please review the documents below to see if the Ogden Amphitheater is the right fit for your event, then connect with us via email!

Rental inquiries can be directed to the Amphitheater Coordinator directly! Email Derek Williamson at for any questions you may have.


Covid-19 Event-Related Document

Rental Information

Seating Chart

Venue Maps

Food Vendor Information

For a list of available and registered food vendors and trucks to utilize for your event, email the Weber Morgan Health Department (WMHD) for more information by clicking here, or call (801) 399-7100. The Amphitheater can accommodate most food vendors, but does have height restrictions on food trucks.  All food vendors are required to be licensed through the WMHD, and require a City Business License and Tax ID for all sales.