Rental Policies & Regulations

  1. The Ogden Amphitheater is available for rent by organizations wishing to hold private or public functions. Deposits, fees, and rental requirements are required.
  2. Every public event at the Ogden Amphitheater requires a Special Event Permit. This includes ticketed events, as well as free events. Private events, such as weddings, should be invitation only, and do not require a Special Event Permit. 
  3. Use of the amphitheater for public events requires the sponsoring organization to provide a minimum of $2,000,000 of liability insurance naming Ogden City Corporation, it's elected and appointed officials, employees, volunteers and agents as additional insured. Depending on the type and size of the function, this amount may be increased.
  4. A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total rental amount will be required in order to consider the facility reserved.
  5. All fees and security/cleaning deposits must be paid a minimum of 14 days prior to the rental date. An event will be subject to cancellation if these fees are not paid in a timely manner. 
  6. Events that charge admission or have vendors selling food or wares require an Ogden City business license of ($83). Each vendor must obtain a single-day special event business license ($5).
  7. Events that include food vendors must meet all Weber/Morgan Health District requirements. Vendors are not allowed to dump grease, hot combustibles, briquettes or waste water on or near the grass or pavers area. Hot cooking equipment must not be placed on lawn or pavers.
  8. A $250 cleaning deposit is required for all events. If all rental requirements are met and the facility is left clean and undamaged, $200 of the security/cleaning deposits will be returned by check following your event.
  9. In the event there is damage to the facility or staff time is required to return the facility to an acceptable level of cleanliness, these charges will be deducted from the security/cleaning deposit. This process may require holding all or a portion of the deposits.
  10. If the cost of damages and/or cleaning exceeds the deposits paid, the renter is financially responsible for those costs.
  11. Painter's tape is the only acceptable adhesive allowed in the amphitheater. Duct tape and packaging tape is prohibited. The renter is responsible for removing all decorations, fixtures, equipment and/or supplies from the facility immediately after the function is over.
  12. All City, County, State and Federal laws and ordinances will be enforced.
  13. Ogden City will have the authority to disperse any group for failure to comply with listed policies and/or laws governing the use of the facility.
  14. No alcohol will be allowed during functions open to the public unless state and local permits have been obtained. Alcohol Permit Requirements:  
    • Utah DABC Permit not required. Ogden City License not required.
    • Functions open to the public serving 5.0% ABV beer only: Utah DABC Temporary Special Event Beer Permit required. Ogden City Class E Single Event Beer License required.
    • Functions open to the public serving heavy beer, wine or liquor: Utah DABC Single Event Permit required. Ogden City Class E Single Event Beer License required.
    • For more information visit the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control website and/or view the Ogden Utah Code regarding Retail and Consumption Licenses.
  15. All alcohol consumption by patrons is to be confined inside the walls and fence of the amphitheater, or approved Beer Garden (by permit only). No alcohol may be brought into the facility by patrons of an event, ever. No "brown bagging." No alcohol will be allowed in public restrooms. No alcohol shall be consumed, bought or sold on the rest of the Municipal Block. With approval and appropriate licensing alcohol may be sold at a temporary or portable bar inside the walls and fence of the Amphitheater.
  16. Limited alcohol may be brought into dressing rooms, green rooms and VIP areas only with prior written consent from Ogden City.
  17. Concessions and food options:
    • We sell concessions at the window - Concessions services are available from Ogden City. If you wish to utilize this service, Ogden City will retain all proceeds from concession sales. Ogden City reserves the right to decline offering this service due to low expected attendance or available staff. No charge. Ogden City may also provide beer service through the Concession window.
    • You &/or vendors sell food and beverage from temporary or portable stations. The Amphitheater concessions window will remain closed. You will not have access to the kitchen or sink basin. No charge. Weber/Morgan Health Department requirements apply.
  18. Restroom facilities are available at no charge, West restrooms can accommodate most events. East restrooms are available for larger events. A masculine and feminine restroom attendant will be provided, as listed in your Amphitheater rental fee schedule. 
  19. With the exception of service dogs, no animals are allowed in the facility.
  20. No bicycles, roller skates, in-line skates, skate boards, scooters or any other human propelled transportation devices (excluding wheelchairs) are allowed within the facility. The Ogden Amphitheater is a No-Ride zone for Lime Scooters, and other like equipment. 
  21. Excluding motorized wheelchairs, no vehicles are allowed within the amphitheater perimeter unless special permission is obtained in advance from Ogden City. This includes food trucks and other mobile vendors.
  22. State law prohibits smoking in any area of the amphitheater.
  23. Some functions will require security personnel. The number of officers, type of officers (Police, Reserves or private security), and times required are at the discretion of Ogden City. Any private security used must be licensed, bonded and approved by Ogden City 7 days prior to the event.
  24. All Rental conditions are general in nature and, based upon City review, additional requirements may be imposed.
  25. Event are required to be closed by 10 p.m. and will be in compliance with all city noise ordinances and regulations.  Only partial safety lighting will be supplied after 10 p.m. to help usher guests out of the venue.
  26. Safety regulations require all gates to remain unlocked during any event to allow for emergency exit. If your event is a ticketed event and you plan to restrict people from entering through certain gates, you must provide security personnel at those gates. Security personnel can restrict people from entering but allow people to exit.
This is a view of the Amphitheater from an elevated vantage point in the early 2000s.