Chief Administrative Officer

Ogden City’s Chief Administrative Officer is Mark L Johnson. You’ll see him around town at local events. He’s a patron of local restaurants and retail shops. And he enjoys outdoor recreation along our local hiking trails. Whether he’s wearing a suit and white shirt with a tie around his neck or hiking duds with a camera around his neck, you will always find him wearing that signature smile that lets you know he truly is happy to be an Ogdenite and is happy to serve.

Having grown up in the greater Ogden area, Mark chose to raise his family here. In his professional life, he held various leadership positions in business and finance industries that led to a variety of community leadership roles. His service with Ogden City Corporation has included a seat on the Ogden City Council, a member of the Ogden City Planning Commission, and most recently the Director of Management Services.

Ogden has always been a bit of a rebel with a rowdy soul, and that has had an impact on Mark as he strives to get off the beaten path. Ogden and all of its citizens, including Mark, are proud of who we are; we aren’t trying to be anyone else. Mark has a respect for the stories that once lived within the buildings that still stand downtown and he protects their heritage while pushing Ogden forward into what our future holds.

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