About the Amphitheater

Background Information

The Ogden Amphitheater is owned and maintained by Ogden City Corporation. Management of the facility is through the Division of Arts, Culture, & Events through the department of Community and Economic Development.

Audience Area / Vendor or Exhibitor Space

The Ogden Amphitheater is an outdoor venue with a 3,000 square foot stage area with 273 fixed seats, and plenty of space for standing guests. Vendor and Exhibitor space is unique per event, however, many events utilize the 34 slots under the pergola. each slot is 12 ft wide, and 15 ft deep. A walk-though with City Staff is suggested for those looking to rent the space.

Space Details

  • 19,700 square feet of sloped grass area suitable for standing or festival seating.
  • 7,460 Square Feet of cement/pavers surface (Inside Plaza) suitable for standing, festival seating or portable bleachers.
  • 9,000 square feet of cement/pavers surface wraps the North perimeter pergola (covered arbor) suitable for standing or accommodating vendors or exhibitors. (110 power available).
  • The North entrance pavers (Outside Plaza) area is 9,300 square feet suitable for sponsor exhibits, welcome receptions or other gathering needs.
  • Seated capacity approximately 273 in fixed seats / Standing Only capacity approximately 7,300.


Proscenium style. Stage dimensions: approximately 35 feet wide by 30 feet deep. The front portion of the stage is a concrete floor and is approximately 35 feet wide and 15 feet deep. The rear portion of the stage is a composite wood floor approximately 35 feet wide and 15 feet deep. A roll-up door that is 38 feet wide and 20 feet tall separates the front and back portions of the stage.

Equipment, Lighting, Sound & Projection

The Amphitheater has a lighting and a sound system suitable for most shows, outside agencies will be utilized to bring in additional equipment when necessary--at the expense of third party renters. Each show is unique and will be assessed individually to determine equipment requirements, necessary staff time, and charges. 

Public Restrooms

There are a total of 20 permanent toilets available at the Amphitheater located on the East and West side of the Amphitheater. Four of these stalls are ADA accessible. The West side restrooms are available to the public during regular park hours. Portable toilets may be acquired for special events.

Other Amenities

Municipal Gardens (gardens and grassy area outside of the Amphitheater arena) is available for use in conjunction with the Amphitheater. However this is not a rent-able space, and is first come, first served. 

Access & Parking

Ample free parking is available in the following locations.
  • 25th Street (diagonal and parallel street parking)
  • 2550 Grant Avenue (free after hours and weekends only) - 2nd District Courthouse Parking
  • Adjacent street parking can be found in surrounding areas. 
General admission access to the facility is from 25th street and from the Municipal Building parking lot. Access to the back stage area can be gained through the rear of the facility from the Municipal Building parking lot on 26th Street.
an image of the entrance to the amphitheater from the front gates
A DJ performance at an early Ogden Twilight, the amphitheater is filled with guests
bendy people show their talents with the Amphitheater in the background
seated guests of Witchstock wear tall witch hats and vibrant colors
Lead singer of the Flaming Lips rides an electric unicorn/Pegasus into crowd of enthusiastic guests
Use this blank map to begin your layout for your event.