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Posted on: January 14, 2019

Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Offers Business Academy Training in Ogden

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Established in 1991, the Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (UHCC) was founded by a small group of entrepreneurs who shared a passion for cultivating diversity in the world of commerce. Over the years UHCC has grown into an influential organization that acts as a strong voice for the growing Hispanic business community in Utah. UHCC now plays a key role in defining and coordinating common goals for the relationships between business, community and government. UHCC strives to provide an effective and useful forum for members and organizations to share knowledge and experience with each other. UHCC established its Ogden Chapter in 2016.

In 2018, UHCC began to offer a Business Academy that provides the opportunity to receive training in areas such as vision, leadership, planning, development, marketing, communication, human resources, accounting, taxes, network and customer service. The course takes 10 weeks to complete and is aimed at preparing small business owners to properly and successfully manage their businesses. In Ogden, the Business Academy is offered in partnership with the Ogden-Weber Technical College and Ogden City’s Business Information Center.  

“The mission of the Business Academy is to help small business owners and entrepreneur driven individuals take their skills and knowledge to a refined level,” Myrna Fernandez, UHCC project manager, said. “Specific tools required for effective business management are presented during the Business Academy’s 10 sessions It also provides an opportunity for Ogden citizens to learn from experienced presenters and other business owners in the community while creating an opportunity for them to network.”

Upon completion of the program, graduates become eligible to apply for business loans through the Ogden City Business Information Center. This allows entrepreneurs to make the leap to establish their business in Ogden.

“Our program allows Hispanic businesses to break the barriers and integrate with the rest of the community,” said Ms. Fernandez. “It is evident that these types of business are now more common in different areas of the city. More than 31% of population in Ogden are Hispanics, the minority owned businesses in Ogden are 15% and this number is growing.”

On Jan. 30, UHCC’s Business Academy will launch its third cohort. Growing from the first cohort, which had 14 participating businesses, the upcoming launch is expected to involve 40 new businesses. UHCC is optimistic on the positive impact this will have on the local economy.

UHCC Graduation 2018

“The financial contribution of the Hispanic community to our local economy is tremendous, not only in numbers, but in the form we do,” said Alex Guzman, UHCC President and CEO, “The spending habits of the majority of Hispanics is very different if we compare with non-Hispanics. As hard as the Hispanic community work, we spend.”

To register for the upcoming Business Academy, interested parties can contact UHCC at 801-532-3308 or The 10-week course begins at 6 pm on January 30 at the Ogden-Weber Technical College. For additional information about UHCC and the services they offer, please visit

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