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  1. Beta Feedback

    Citizen feedback on Beta Launch of new Website

  2. Proclamation, Letter or Special Recognition Request
  1. Logo Request

    Request a digital file of the Ogden City logo.

  2. Speaking, Event or Meeting Request


  1. Ogden Amphitheater Artist Application

    Interested artists please fill out this application to be considered for this year's programming and to be included in contact database... More…


  1. Local Artist Database
  1. Mayor's Awards in the Arts Nomination Form

    Held each fall, the Ogden City Mayor's Awards in the Arts program was created to provide an opportunity to shine the light of... More…


  1. Complaint Form

    Use this form to report concerns in your neighborhood.

  1. Creative District Feedback

    This form is to collect feedback on the proposed plans for a Creative District in Ogden.

City Council

  1. Recognition Request Form

    Council members and Council staff may use this form to request a recognition item be considered by Council leadership.


  1. Aplicacion para la Comision de Diversidad
  2. Encuesta de Diversidad en Espanol

    La Cuidad de Ogden junto con la Comision de Diversidad en Ogden desea escuchar su opinion y asi saber como brindarle un mejor servicio... More…

  1. Diversity Input Survey

    The City of Ogden and the Ogden Diversity Commission would love to hear from you regarding how our department can best be of service.... More…

  2. Ogden Diversity Commission Application

Employee Portal

  1. Internal Logo/Branding Request

    Fill out this form to request any specified department logo files or for marketing assistance with branding content.


  1. Street Renaming

    A public comment form where residents may express their opinions or ask questions concerning the renaming of a street


  1. Site Plan Review (SPR) Application

    Application to request site plan review.

The Corner

  1. Corner Ambassador positions available

    Ogden City Arts, Culture and Events is hiring PT positions for ‘The Corner’ ‘The Corner’ is a small information Kiosk/Café located on... More…