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Corner Ambassador positions available

  1. Ogden Ambassador positions open at The Corner

    Ogden City Arts, Culture and Events is hiring PT positions for ‘The Corner’ ‘The Corner’ is a small information Kiosk/Café located on the corner of Historic 25th and Washington Blvd. It is an information hub for Arts, Events, Activities and Attractions in the Ogden/Weber area. Ogden City is looking for “Ogden Ambassadors” to work at The Corner. Applicants must be available for shifts Monday – Saturday 10am to 7pm (up to 29 hrs. per week) and be genuinely excited about Ogden! Ogden Ambassador will provide information to locals and visitors about area attractions, events, and venues. Ambassadors should be familiar with the Ogden/Weber area, its landmarks, trails, dining and nightlife. Daily tasks will include use of computer for emailing, researching & calendaring events, running a point of sale system for tickets, retail sales, and food and beverage sales. Ambassadors are also responsible for food and beverage prep, facility and grounds daily cleaning, and maintenance.

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